Communication will be the death of most millennials. Alright, not the literal death, but you catch my drift. Everything we do revolves around indirect communication and social media; typing words at a keyboard, which requires no specific level of communication skills. This is where millennials are failing. While I do agree that social media is a God-given tool that we can use to expand our business endeavors and personal branding, it is sometimes mistakenly used as the only source of communication between aspiring millennial entrepreneurs and their potential clients. Millennials are afraid of direct contact. For God’s sake we can’t even date traditionally anymore. We swipe left and swipe right rather than hold doors open and pay for meals.  If a millennial wants to be successful, they simply just have to learn how to communicate effectively. Just this one simple element will have older generations of entrepreneurs drooling over you. You will be a unicorn in a field of regular, old jackasses who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Eye contact, a firm handshake, holding a conversation, hand gestures, and body language are the most important factors in winning friends and influencing people. Sitting behind a computer and typing out a business letter in shorthand text language is not how you win friends and influence people, gang.  My father own his own electric company. He didn’t finish high school, and he’s making more money than some of us can never imagine making. He can barely spell simple words, but he can communicate with people pretty damn well. He is a prime example of how crucial communication skills are in the business world. Hell, these skills aren’t limited to just the business world; but they are open to everything in life. You want to negotiate a car price? Win the dealer. You want to make that sale? Influence the buyer with everything you’ve got. Communicate, people. I am afraid for my generation. No, not because they are unintelligent (although, some of them are), but because they are so intelligent that they look past the basics of everyday human communication. There are people my age (18) who can not order their own food because they feel anxiety when they go to do it. In no way, shape, or form am I bashing those who suffer from a clinically diagnosed mental illness, but those who are just simply afraid of communication are not going to succeed in this world, and that frightens me. Who will be the businessmen and women of my generation? Will there be any, or will the fear of a capitalistic society turn into socialism as we are seeing in today’s age? Young people favor socialism because it requires little to no communication, unlike capitalism which is based on consensual interactions between two parties. I hope that one day in the near – very near – future, my peers and those behind us will regain the basic human skills that are oh-so necessary to succeed in their lifetime.


~Santino D’Agostino