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Any website has similar purposes: to attract clients, appeal to business partners and open up new business opportunities that might never have existed otherwise. With DTS, one of the leading NJ web design companies, you can fulfill every purpose you need your website to satisfy. With our experienced team of designers, you will be taken good care of as we develop your website from idea to completion, leaving an architecture that allows for easy modifications, revisions and incorporating new features when necessary. We’ll seamlessly blend the business objectives and philosophies of your firm with our own development.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am totally new to this ``website thing.`` How does the whole process work?

That’s what we’re here for. We will bring you along the entire process of your website’s development and explain how we’re doing it simply.

Where do I get my domain, hosting, email, etc?

From us! Our site here is where you can purchase hosting, domain names, and email packages at a discounted rate! This is a standard with your consultation with us.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

This always depends. Much like buying a house, costs vary depending on what you want, what’s included, and how much your business has budgeted for such a project.

How Does Payment Work?

Most clients pay 50% as a deposit. After the initial design of the project, another 25% is collected. After final edits and signature of completion and approval, the other 25% is collected and you’re off to making an impact on the web.

How long does It take to build a website?

Simple websites can be done in as little as one week’s time. Standard size and E-commerce websites should take no more than 45 days to complete.

How Long Has DTS Been Building Websites?

Started in February 2016, Deptford Technology Services has been building websites since then, with over 95% of them still existing to this date.

Ready to join the best?

We don’t just work with anyone. We pick the businesses we know are going to succeed with our process in place. Are you one of them?