Selling a service or goods is much like acting – well, sometimes it is acting. There are customers who do not need to meet the “artificial” you. The goal of becoming a great salesman is to fake it. Perhaps you are not the most personable of people nor are you the happiest of them all; that is going to have to change if you want to be successful in the world of sales.  Create a service or product worth selling.  The most crucial mistake most aspiring entrepreneurs make is “The Rush.” The Rush is when you want to make money so bad, want to have something to sell to people, and end up not making one sale because your service or good was not up to par with those within the same market as you; or you tried to create your own market and it was a complete and utter disaster. The mind of an entrepreneur is one that never rests. We are constantly trying to find ways to evolve our cash flow into a never-ending, satisfactory flow that we can sit back and retire on; but it does not happen overnight as most of us wish it would.  Quality, Quantity, Demand, and Distribution: The three essentials for a successful product or service. (The QQDD Theory) When creating a service or product, make sure the four essentials are present: Quality, Quantity, Demand, and Distribution. Each essential is dependent on each other. Without a good quality product, quantity does not matter, demand won’t be there, and distribution is a waste of money and time. Without quantity, the demand of your product or service will not be able to be satisfied. Without distribution, your customers will not have access to your good or service. To make sure you are following the QQDD Theory, ask yourself these questions: Is my service or product worth selling? Do I have enough to meet the demand? Is the demand there? and Do I have a way to get my product or service to my customers?  Create actual relationships with your customers. Customers will only buy from you if they trust you. Think about it: When you walk into a store that you have never shopped with before, you start creating a personality with that store. Is the service good? Did they care for me? Was I “just another customer”? Chick-fil-a is notorious for having one of the best ratings in customer service. This is because they are taught to build a trusting relationship with the customer. To do this, a smile is a must. Customers want to be happy when shopping or receiving your service, not miserable. Another essential is to ask non-business related questions. Before getting down to business, it is a must to form some type of personal relationship with your customer. This not only will leave a great impression for your brand, but will create a following for you as an individual if you work within a larger company. After getting personal, keep the business-talk straightforward, yet having a sense of trust. Open up to the customer. Tell them the pros as well as the cons of your product or service. If you just tell them the good that your product or service can do for them, the trust will be lost. A trusting relationship is crucial if you want to make sales and have a constant flow of business.  Good hygiene. While this may seem obvious to most, some people need the hygiene tip. Wear deodorant, shower, make sure you hair is well-done, and brush your teeth. Make sure you dress the role. If you are a lawyer, dressing up in jogging pants and an old t-shirt is not going to attract business. If you are making people’s food, make sure you clip your fingernails. Making sales has a TON to do with hygiene. Would you go back to a car salesman who had teeth as yellow as the sun, wreaked of body odor, and had a severe case of “bedhead”? Probably not.  Don’t stop the flow! When you work your way up to success and start creating a following, do not slack off! Do not stop greeting customers when you see them. Keep developing the relationship you started. Think of it as an undeclared marriage. A husband does not stop building his relationship with his wife once they are married, the show must go on!  Customers care if you care. If you follow these steps, you may or may not succeed. May not?! What is the point of telling me if it won’t work?! Well, someone can give you all the supplies to build a city, but it is up to you to carry on and build it. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Time doesn’t exist until you let it, so don’t stress out about how long it takes; just worry about QQDD and building your customer relationships.


~Santino D’Agostino